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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  January 26, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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military shootings. a loan wolf attacks on the government and captured on video. the man who fired shots, learned his fate. >> hello everyone, i'm denise koch. chilling new video emerges. a former marine from baltimore is behind these shootings. we're live and we have new insight into the shootings. >> reporter: denise, he'll spend 25 years behind bars after pleading from the 2010 shootings. tonight, we're getting an inside look at the shooting spree.
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in a chilling video, he chants as he drives along i-95. that's the military building that i'm going to target, he says. he unleashes a hail of bullets at the national marine core museum. thursday, in front of a judge, one of the only words he said, was guilty. he admitted to firing shots at the museum, the pentagon and two other recruiting centers in 2010. >> today's plea demonstrates that violent extremism is present in the community. >> reporter: he was arrested this summer where he planned to desecrate graves at arlington cemetery. he was going to use an
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explosive. fbi agents made a discovery at his home. >> on a list, he had components for closives -- clos -- explosives. >> reporter: investigators don't know why he did it. he joined the marines in 2007. he was never deployed over seas. reporting live, wjz, eyewitness news. thank you, megan. he has no ties to any terror organizations. he'll receive a mental health evaluation. another home groan terrorist is in court today. he confessed to the crime
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today. >> reporter: this man signed a plea agreement with his islamic name. he dropped his defense that the government tried to trap him and pled guilty to a plan to detonate a plan. >> he pushed the device that was given to him and he realized it was not working within seconds he was placed under arrest. >> reporter: an informant tipped off the fbi. secretly recorded conversations showed his anger with the government. he said, that'll be killed we won't stop until they kill us or lock us up, this is for ala. >> i would like to acknowledge the muslim community for reaching out to us. >> i wanted to get a comment from you guys. >> reporter: his lawyers weren't talking and his mom
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said this -- >> this is entrapment. >> reporter: no family members were presented this time. the charge carries a penalty of life in prison. prosecutors agreed to a 25 year sentence. the judge could make it longer. we need to intercept people who intend to commit the hostile acts in the united states. he intended to kill people and to do damage. >> reporter: sentencing is in early april. wjz-13 eyewitness news. he also tried to recruit others to join the plot. there's a reward to catch this man's killer. the police say this man's family is offering $10,000 for information about his murder. he was gunned down this month in the driveway of his laurel home.
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call crimestoppers for more. a plea from the family of britney norwood. she'll be sentenced from killing her coworker. >> reporter: prosecutors argue that the killer shouldn't walk free. the defendant's family says she deserves a second chance, with patrol. these letters are written by friends and family of the -- woman convicted of killing this woman. she attacked murry when she was confronted about stealing. she created a lie and said they were attacked by men and evidence showed she endured choking and beating and stabbing wounds before she died. she was found guilty of first
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degree murder in one hour. >> i know the trauma our family's been through. i want no other family to go through this. >> reporter: the victim's family and the prosecutors say that she should spend the rest of her life locked up. in her letters, her family members ask her to show judge. her father said, i know britney is a good person and will do everything to make amends for what happened if given a chance. i love my daughter and she's worthy of a chance. >> reporter: if the judge decides to give patrol, she would have to spend 25 years in prison before being eligible. >> and she faces sentencing at 1:00 tomorrow. more scandalous accusations
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at an adult bookstore. the police are looking into a report of indecent exposier. this priest was arrested at this store. he was fired after his arrest. arizona's governor is pitting against president obama. an encounter between the two is calling to attention. here's what happened. >> reporter: jan brewer pointed her finger at president obama when she arrived in phoenix. >> i'm animated. i talk with my hands. >> reporter: he said that she misrepresented a previous meeting. i'm got going to change my story. >> reporter: the conversation could go better. the governor said she was in
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the middle of a sentence when the president walked away. now, the white house press secretary says that the episode is overgrown. a final good-bye to joe patapsco. he was forced out of his job two months before his death. tonight, a memorial drew thousands of supporters and we're live and kai jackson has the tribute. >> reporter: his funeral service was a combination of a painful reality and cherished memories. his widow received a warm welcome as she arrived for the memorial. students, alumni and fans gathered to celebrate patapsco's life. his son, jay, addressed the crowd of 12,000. >> he lived his life knowingly and never blindly chased
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success. >> reporter: his death at age 85 came three months after his stunning dismissal. this has tarnished pat -- pattern know's legacy. -- this week wasn't about scandal. he was remembered for his generosity. wednesday, thousands lined the streets to look as his funeral procession passed. he was at penn state 61 years. he and his wife donated more than $4 million. he died of cancer sunday. many say he passed away of a broken heart. >> thank you, kai, he coached
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from '66 to 2011. we're looking at johns hopkins' new state-of-the-art hospital. this features two new towers. each of the rooms is private. the hospital is equipment with the latest technology. the buildings open in april. edgar allan poe, are you out there? >> the poe house puts a shout out to psychics. friends of the poe house are going to choose three psychics or mediums to gather at his grave, march 3rd and 4th to summon the poet. well, coming up, a politician's loose lips get him in trouble. >> it was a stupid comment. >> the controversial comment
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and the mess it's created >> and buildings reduced to rubble. he's a walking miracle and now, a man with a message. listen to brian's story and find out how to save a life. a wet and wild morning start to the commute. ♪
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it's 46 degrees and mostly cloudty in -- cloudy in central maryland. the forecast is coming up. there's a search in brazil after three buildings suddenly collapsed. rescuers pulled out six body. this surveillance video shows people running through the streetings at the -- streets at the moment of the collapse. illegal construction work caused a building to crumble and took down two other buildings. a chaotic seen in sidney, australia as protestors get too close to the prime minister. the police rushed the prime minister away from the crowd. they were able to get her to a waiting car and she was not injured. the group was protesting in
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support of aboriginal rights. >> controversial swirls around the mayor of this area. he was asked what he would do for the latin community after racial profiling. >> what are you doing today? >> i might have tacos when i go home [lost audio] >> the mayor's office has been flooded with tacos. he's been asked to step down. he called his comment stupid and dumb. an admission from pat sayjak. he said he was -- during early episodes. he said that he and vanna white would walk to a restaurant and
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enjoy a number of margaritas. he's hosted the show since 1981. he and his wife split their time between los angeles and this area. one blood donation can save three lives. saturday, we'll sponsor a blood drive. mary bubala has a survivor's message tonight. >> reporter: brian boil is in the best shape of his life. he runs marathons and finished in iron mans. he was once in the worst shape of his life. a car accident nearly cost him his life. he lost 60% of his blood. he knows what brought him back. >> about 50 blood donors helped keep me alive. >> reporter: the maryland resident has written a book called "iron heart." donors who come to the area on
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saturday will meet him and get to take home a copy of his book. >> it's about giving the gift of life. the red cross really needs your blood donation. every day, more than a thousand units are needed in the area. >> reporter: the american red cross needs one hour of your time on saturday. of the one hour, you'll be in the chair about ten minutes donating blood. a quick gesture he's proof of that can last a lifetime. >> luckily, they were there for me in any time of need. >> reporter: the red cross needs 44,000 blood donations every day to keep up with the demand. and again, you can meet brian in timonium. we're teaming up with the red cross as part of the continuing communitiy commitment.
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go to and click on the news tab. well, football fans have a devine place to go for football tickets. it's this monostarry. they were given tickets and they're selling tickets. the online auction starts at $2000 maybe a prayer won't hurt. >> it looks like we'll have a nice weekend. it will be nice for the blood drive. rain late tonight and early in the morning. take a look at temperatures right now. it's still mild and it will be warmer overnight. we have east winds off of the ocean. it's cooler and down to the south, it's warmer. 46 now. early rain and it's moved out of the region. the barometer is continuing to
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fall as the low pressure approaches this from the west. 51 in d.c.. it's 56 in patuxent. we have warm air. in the morning, we'll be in the low 50s and getting closer to 60. 39 in cumberland and 49 in ocean city. locally, 46 to 50 degrees. the record is 79. that's the warmest ever. and 2 in 1961. in d.c., we have a south wind. that's where the warm air is. overnight, nothing, there's rain across the tennessee valley and showers and thunder breaking out into the carolinas and north georgia. we'll see rain around 2:00 to 3:00 in the morning and then, the front will come through the region and we'll have a quick shower and it gets breezy. the sun will be out and temperatures are mild.
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it will be cooler late in the afternoon. cooler late on saturday and sunday. still, running at or above normal. it will be a dry weekend. not a bad forecast. winds from 10 to 15. the bay temperature around 39. maybe a rumble of thunder in a few spots. temperatures rising and 58 by afternoon. maybe a little bit of thunder. expect the chances to diminish. 15 and sunshine and a few clouds on saturday. turning cooler and 45 on sunday. 42 monday and back into the mid- 50s with partly cloudy skies on tuesday. thank you, bob. coming up, no super bowl for the ravens, but the consolation prize is a trip to hawaii. ,,,,,
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there's a pipeline from baltimore. after taking over from the cults, pagano interviewed after the ravens lost in the title game. he said that the job is a high that comes after a painful low. he said he would rather coach the ravens in the super bowl even if that would have kept him from becoming the head coach in indy. >> i would love them to catch that ball and win that game and have a chance to win the
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lombardi. that's why i'm standing here, absolutely. if that meant not being in this position now, so be it. ray lewis is in honolulu for the probowl. he's joined by three other teammates. four others decided not to go. rice played at rutgers and his college coach is coming to the nfl. local high school basketball. done bar was number one and took on millford mill. no good for the layup. millford mill, they go the other way.
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kyle thomas is on the receiving end. millford knocks off number one, donebar. college basketball, navy in blue on the way to lee high. he's a navy freshman high. he's dropping in two of the seven points. big game for lee high. he dropped in 24 points. he wins 13 straight defeats. finally, baseball, an extra large jersey and contract for a prince fielder. he's the newest member of the detroit tigers. he signs a nine year deal, he's payed a guaranteed $214 million. he's smiling. i don't know why the owner is -- he has to pay him. >> even if he's injured. >> he'll get paid. >> is that the largest ever?
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>> n,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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